Monday, August 3, 2009

who is it?

first and foremost, i'd like to take this chance to apologize for the nearly two month long break from blogging.
with many new turns of events occuring in my life lately (ie: family matters, an overload of work shifts, an internet connection at home made primarily of horse manure, & michael jackson's "death"- i'm still not convinced, by the way), i haven't been able to keep up my end of the blogspot bargain: updates! so, my fellow dedicated followers of fashion, i'm at last...getting around to it.
oh, in the list above, i should've added one more contributing factor to my recent neglectful ways: my beloved camera finally croaked. well, i guess the word "beloved" is a slight exaggeration; i hated the thing. it was an obnoxious pink brick. good thing christmas is only.... 4 months away? "Mommy..."
lately, i've taken a liking to simple, yet both structured and airy pieces. take loose fitted t-shirts paired with a shoulder padded blazer, black leggings, and a sharp pair of platform cut-outs for example. the loose tee gives the look a playful, casual feel, yet the entire look is pulled together thanks to the structured jacket and platforms. as soon as i purchase a new camera, i'll be sure to post a picture of my new 'look'.
some random inspirational pictures i recently came across:

a pair of neoprene pencil skirts, by combhard. their geometric look proves that fashion is art, no? they have somewhat of an architectural feel, and i absolutely adore them.

not much of an update, i know. don't fret, though! an outfit post is just around the corner.

it is time for my beauty sleep, loves. endless steamy dreams starring karl lagerfeld await!

to all a good night.