Monday, May 18, 2009

a fresh start.

yes, i did delete my last blog "fashion frenzy gets me higher & higher". i'd like to think of that one as my practice round; it was my first blog and now that i have a blogging history, i'm expecting this one to be even better.

for instance, i'm going to post more outfit updates on this blog. i'm getting a new camera soon, so i'll get to put it to good use.
what better time to start than now?
my recent lookbook addition:

Vogue Paris May 2009:

i'm heading to chicago next week so watch out for lots of outfit posts!
have a spectacular week, darlings.


Alice X said...

your adorable:)

jessica said...

ouh !
yes , i love fresh starts .
good luck with this one, i can feel it's already off to a great beginning :]

call me glitter, little deer said...

such cool.
peaches and the rest...
fresh starts are good...

Adela said...

love the 2nd picture! can't wait to see all of your outfit posts! =)

jessica said...

uhm, can i look like natasha poly ?
and have her body ?
kthxbi .

NewYorkChique said...

very nice blog! haha and i love the first pic.

Raez said...

sweet LB pic, youre gorgeous! and lov eteh last pic.

electric feel said...

i know it will be fab! ;)

can't wait for new updates!

will add your new blog to my blogroll!

salut, ma cherie

CAMILLE said...

hey, thanks for the comment. Your blog is great! really cool pics, you look really cute here :)

camille x