Saturday, September 19, 2009

ooh la la.

yes, chanel no. 5 may remind many youngins of their seventy year old grandmother, wrapped in countless layers of pearls and fingers coated with diamonds, but its new covergirl may give it the fresh, modern splash it's in desperate need of.
classic perfume meets classic beauty, audrey tautou.
she's delightful, no?


jessica said...

cant wait to see her in 'coco avant chanel'.
she's such a cutie .

& thanks for your awesome comment ^-^

Wikifashion said...

Audrey is so incredibly beautiful, thanks for the photos!

t.g.s said...

omg that last picture :O
she is a stunner, soooo gorgeous

Anonymous said...

-shes beautiful.
i love chanel but i can't decide if i like No.5 anymore,
its just grew on me but at the same time smells old. hahahaa, great blog. lovely photos(:

roxanne said...

haha, despite the storied history of chanel no. 5, i never associated it with old ladies. when my boyfriend surprised me with a bottle before my first trip to paris, i felt like a life goal was somehow completed. of course, a bit of audrey tautou never hurts..

Cindiddy said...

hey! thanks for coming by! she really does have the sweetest face doesnt she !=>

Dominique said...

I have always loved Chanel no. 5. And I love Audrey.

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Flora said...

i don't mind the old lady associations with chanel no.5, they add to its charm. so does audrey in these new ads, though, she's lovely.

electric feel said...

oh hey, my dear
the first pic looks sooo refreshing!

stay dandy

Mia said...

ohhhhhhhh gosh i love her